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China Zhou Dynasty Yuan, Liang State 350-220 BC Early Round Coin H.6.3


China Zhou Dynasty Qin State 250-220 BC Early Round Coin H.6.26


China Zhou Dynasty Gong, Liang State 350-220 BC Early Round Coin H.6.1


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Early China: A Social and Cultural History

by: Li Feng
'Early China' refers to the period from the beginning of human history in China to the end of the Han Dynasty in AD 220. The roots of modern Chinese society and culture are all to be found in this formative period of Chinese civilization. Li Feng's new critical interpretation draws on the most recent scholarship and archaeological discoveries from the past thirty years. This fluent and engaging overview of early Chinese civilization explores key topics including the origins of the written language, the rise of the state, the Shang and Zhou religions, bureaucracy, law and governance, the evolving nature of war, the creation of empire, the changing image of art, and the philosophical search for social order.
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Confucius: Chinese Philosopher: World Cultures Through Time

by: Wendy Conklin
Confucius is now considered the greatest philosopher in Chinese history. This inspiring and enlightening biography will allow readers to discover Confucius' life of peace and harmony, his beliefs, and his philosophies that people still use today through interesting sidebars, facts, clear photos, supportive text, and a helpful glossary and index. Readers are also introduced to other important aspects of this period in China's history including the Zhou Dynasty, Meng-Tzu, and legalism.

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Sources of Western Zhou History: Inscribed Bronze Vessels

by: Edward L. Shaughnessy
The thousands of ritual bronze vessels discovered by China's archaeologists serve as the major documentary source for the Western Zhou dynasty (1045-771 B.C.). These vessels contain long inscriptions full of detail on subjects as diverse as the military history of the period, the bureaucratic structure of the royal court, and lawsuits among the gentry. Moreover, being cast in bronze, the inscriptions preserve exactly the contemporary script and language.

Shaughnessy has written a meticulous and detailed work on the historiography and interpretation of these objects.
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Craft Production in the Western Zhou Dynasty 1046-771 BC

by: Zhouyong Sun
This work investigates the craft production system in the Western Zhou (China), through a case study of a jue-earring workshop at Qijia in the predynastic capital site of Zhouyuan, excavated in 2002-2003. Conclusions are drawn from several lines of evidence, including spatial relationships of material remains in archaeological context, various stages of jue production wasters, the authors experimental replication of jue manufacture, and written texts and bronze inscriptions.
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[Documentary] Origin of Li and Yue - Zhou Dynasty (1046 -256 BC) 周朝

Playlist of documentaries about Chinese major dynasties: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiVCagCDXANC6RPVc0NAzj3BcWHf5S1mK.

Zhou Dynasty


The Ancient World Unit: Early Civilizations of China (Shang and Zhou Dynasty)

This video is for World History Link to guided notes: ...

Zhou Dynasty


Shang and Zhou Dynasties

Key Terms/Ideas: Shang Dynasty: Anyang: Clans: Bronze: Social Classes: Oracle Bones: Jade: Zhou Dynasty: Mandate of Heaven: Feudalism: